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What is BioXcel Therapeutics stock symbol?
Our stock is traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol BTAI.
When was BioXcel Therapeutics incorporated?
March 29, 2017
When did BioXcel Therapeutics become a public company?
Bioxcel Therapeutics became a public company in March 2018.  The company is traded under NASDQ symbol BTAI.
Where is BioXcel Therapeutics headquartered?
555 Long Wharf Drive
12th Floor
New Haven, CT 06511
United States
When is BioXcel Therapeutics fiscal year end?
December 31st
Who is BioXcel Therapeutics' transfer agent?
American Stock Transfer and Trust
Who is BioXcel Therapeutics' independent auditor?
Ernst & Young LLP
Who is BioXcel Therapeutics' outside legal counsel?
Latham & Watkins, LLP